🌹💙The night comes the sun sets +01

🌹💙The night comes the sun sets,The light goes out and the desire for pleasure lights up,Words that are left over with a silent mouth,Turning freedom into debauchery in our room,Shyness hidden in a fixed look,The voice is broken chin bent as a duplicate of forgiveness,Enjoying the delight of that arrogant and curious tongue,In the way of him making a surrendered body extreme,That raises temperature in his erection,Defying gravity like a volcano about to erupt,Creating tremors… hesitation … and sweat,Control is lost exploding in a cry of satisfactionOverflowing like hot lava on that mouth that is not afraid to burn in order to quench his thirst… 💙💖💗💕💓💘💞💝

🌹💙One day I was told that eternity…+01

🌹💙One day I was told that eternity

it wasn’t just forever

it has always been… 💙💖💗💕💓💘💞💝

Good morning, my love, take more care & smile… 🌿💙🍀🌻🌼🌺🌷🥀 +07

Good morning, my love, take more care & smile… 🌿💙🍀🌻🌼🌺🌷🥀
Hopefully you have a healthy safety & lovely Friday(10/22)!… 🌹💙💖💗💕💓💘💞💝
Happy enjoy… ☕💙🥐🧀🍎🍌🥝🍒

【◎心靈研磨坊 - 曼陀羅藏◎】

《心靈研磨坊 ─ 身心體能極限的突破,放慢步調,邁開腳步,輕鬆地悠遊著....》

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