🌹💚There is only one way to free +01

🌹💚There is only one way to free a person from certain wounds, when they are deep they don’t heal that easily. You could tear them away by force, for example by hating them. On the other hand, I advise you to embrace them, do it delicately, without any impetus, with the same sweetness of a butterfly laying her tired body on a flower. A wounded woman deserves to be understood, time will surely heal your wounds, but to do this you must have a person by your side who will be able to make you forget the past, one who with a lot of patience knows how to sit next to your pain and in silence listen to the deep cry of your soul. Only he will be able to give you back the warmth that will return to warm your heart… 💚💖💗💕💓💘💞💝



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