Yogi Sophie Jaffe Shares Her Inner Beauty Secrets


Yogi Sophie Jaffe Shares Her Inner Beauty Secrets

Sophie Jaffe, yoga teacher, certified raw food chef, superfood entrepreneur, and mom of two boys (with a baby girl due this summer), defines inner beauty as honoring your inner wild woman—all your amazing gifts—and being true to them.

“To me, not being perfect is what’s so beautiful,” she says. Below, Sophie shares her secrets for feeling beautiful every day, with the help of yoga, inspiring mantras, and products that make her feel good from the inside out.

My Daily Beauty Rituals

Morning: I oil pull every morning. It offers me a time to relax and ease into my day, and keeps my mouth clean and fresh. I also feel a little extra confident with a bright, healthy smile. Next, I start my cleansing routine with Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk. It’s pure and nourishing, and never strips my skin or irritates it. I follow with their nourishing Hydrating Day Cream with jojoba oil and witch hazel, which is a beautiful and balancing combination.

Midday: All day long, I use Weleda Wild Rose 24H Deodorant Spray to help me go from meetings to hot yoga to after-school activities without missing a beat. After an intense yoga session (usually while the kids are at school), I love lathering up with Weleda’s Lavender Creamy Body Wash–it instantly hydrates and relaxes my body. I also apply Weleda’s Muscle Massage Oil all over to help my muscles wind down.

Evening: Weleda’s 2in1 Gentle Shampoo + Body Wash helps us save time at bath time, and it’s delicate enough even for a baby’s sensitive skin. I also can’t wait to try their soothing Calendula Diaper Care Cream on my baby girl! Before I get into bed, I use Weleda’s Relaxing Body & Beauty Oil with lavender oil, which helps me calm down and gets me ready for the deepest night’s sleep.

What Makes Me Feel Beautiful (Inside & Out)

My boys and my husband make me feel beautiful in our day-to-day family dynamic: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yoga allows me to bring it ALL to the mat and greet every part of my true self. To feel all my woman power and light it. I also meditate and set positive affirmations for my day, such as “I am a goddess.” Since I’ve been pregnant, my daily mantra has been, “I am growing life. I am full of love.” Whenever something comes along that throws off my energy or makes me feel negative, anxious, or upset, I return to these affirmations and reflect on them for a bit before moving forward. I’ve also set an intention to look at life through a positive lens. If you go through life with optimism and sincere gratitude, you’ll see that beauty reflected on the outside.

How I Stay Body Positive

Maintaining healthy body positivity is so difficult in this digital age, and the pressures of social media can make us feel “less than.” It look a long time, but I’m finally in a space where I love the body I’m in. It all came down to finding balance. I can also see beyond the physical and know that I’m not just this body—that it’s actually a spiritual experience to be a parent, a woman, a human being. When I feel frustrated that baby girl is making me sick or tired and so unlike myself that I want to cry and scream, I think, “Wow, I’m growing a baby and a healthy baby at that. Some day she is going to take on this world and I’ll be the one to lead her there, and that’s pretty amazing.”




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