6 Mistakes Home Yoga Practitioners Make (and How to Fix Them)


6 Mistakes Home Yoga Practitioners Make (and How to Fix Them)

Practice at home on the regular? We do, too! While this is a great option, streaming yoga without a live teacher can lead to common mistakes. Top online teachers share what they think we do wrong and give their tips on improvements we can make.

Online classes make practicing yoga more convenient, accessible, and affordable. You can practice wherever you’d like, whenever you’d like, and choose the length, type, and level of the class. The best part, other than not having to change out of your pajamas? Most streaming yoga services such as YogaGloOMStars, and more cost $20 or less per month.

The downside is that unless there’s a two-way camera involved (Ompractice offers this service), there’s no live teacher to offer suggestions and corrections. So we asked popular online teachers what mistakes home practitioners are making the most—and how to correct them.

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6 ‘Mistakes’ Home Yoga Practitioners Make (and How to Fix Them)




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