Olaya House by David Ramirez


Olaya House by David Ramirez

Location: Llano Grande, Colombia
Year: 2011
Area: 4,628 sqft
Photo courtesy: Camilo Duque

It is a single family dwelling Project, located 45 minutes away from Medellin city, Colombia. The house first level is a completely united block, but clearly zoned by its uses, service, social and private areas.


At the services area the house includes garages, a bedroom for service personnel, laundry and storage.


At the social area you will find a generous kitchen that opens to the dining area and main hall, that leads to the outdoor deck through a huge door. The private area has three bedrooms each one of them with facilities of toilet, shower and a walking closet.



The social and private areas of the house are separated by a large black stone wall, that can be seen either from the inside or the outside of the house and it is of great structural importance for the house, this wall allows inside a social bathroom and two separate chimneys one services the main bedroom while the other one the main lounge.


The second level is accessed through a sculptural stair, starting at the first level social area.


Second level is simple, but nice and cosy, it allows two generous areas intended for a private study and host bedroom, plus two large terraces that invite you to enjoy the outdoors.


The terraces are connected through a bridge which crosses the interior of the house second level. Except for the great black stone wall, the house facades are built in pail Milano bricks, that provide great strength to the volume and combined with the huge windows allows you to have a permanent communication between the inside and outside of the dwelling.


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