The Diamond House by Formwerkz Architects

The Diamond House by Formwerkz Architects

Architects: Formwerkz Architects
Location: Singapore
Photos: Albert Lim

The house along Cove Drive in Sentosa sits on a marginally decreased site that confronted a man-made lake. Constructed for a little family that incredibly value their protection, the house walks out in the city and the sides where the neighbors are in close nearness.

The-Diamond-House-01Like a stone monument resting over the greenhouses, the single, faceted volume house the fundamental spaces with their essential perspective to the waterway.The primary passage brings one into the focal point of the house with the living and feasting space on the sides. The upper floors are split in the center into two volumes that house the girl and the guardian’s rooms.


The storm cellar oblige the visitor room, amusement, administrations and carport, lit and ventilated generally by the depressed yards.



The massing on evaluation is kept intentionally little to make more garden spaces inside of the tight site. The geometry is gotten from arranging with the arranging parameters forced on the area and the craving to streamline the building structure. The front and side exteriors are pared down with openings deliberately position to permit ideal daylighting with least trade off in protection. The slanting dividers at the corners consider a littler foot shaped impression while extending the spatial volume at upper levels.


Like its straightforward structure, couple of design materials were utilized. The veneers are totally wrapped in iron wood. The inside embraces a lighter palette of oak and travertine. At dusk, parts of the inner spaces are seen on the exterior. The quieted, impervious volume continuously offers route to the volumes of interior light, uncovering the multifaceted design inside.





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