Kona Residence by Belzberg Architects


Kona Residence by Belzberg Architects

Architects: Belzberg Architects

Location: Kona, Hawaii

Year: 2010

Size: 7,800 sqft


Settled between cooled magma streams, the Kona living arrangement arranges its hub not with the property’s linearity, yet rather with the axiality of prevalent perspectives accessible to the site.


Kona Residence-photo-BC-09Photo by Benny Chan

Inside of the dichotomy of common components and a geometric hardscape, the home incorporates both the encompassing perspectives of volcanic mountain extents toward the east and sea skylines westbound.

Kona Residence-photo-BC-01Photo by Benny Chan

The system is organized as a progression of units dispersed all through the property, every having its own extraordinary elements and perspective open doors. The cases are automatically doled out as two dozing units with regular regions, media room, expert suite and fundamental living space. An outside exhibition passage turns into the authoritative and central element for the whole house, joining the two units along a focal pivot.

Kona Residence-photo-BC-02Photo by Benny Chan

To help keep up the natural affectability of the house, two separate varieties of rooftop mounted photovoltaic boards counterbalance the living arrangement vitality use while the decision of darker magma stone help warm the pool water through sun oriented radiation. Downpour water accumulation and redirection to three drywells that renew the aquifer are executed all through the property. Recovered teak timber from old horse shelters and prepare tracks are reused for the home’s outside.

Kona Residence-photo-BC-03Photo by Benny Chan

Combined with stacked and cut pumice, the two materials frame a generally determined medium installed in Hawaiian convention. Neighborhood wicker bin weaving society was the motivation for the passage structure which reenacts the conventional blessing upon entry service. Different digitally etched wood roofs and screens, all through the house, proceed with the theoretical way to deal with conventional Hawaiian wood cutting further imbuing customary components into the contemporary plan.

Kona Residence-photo-BC-04Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-05Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-06Photo by Benny ChanKona Residence-photo-BC-07Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-08Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-10Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-11Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-12Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-13Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-14Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-15Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-16Photo by Benny Chan Kona Residence-photo-BC-17Photo by Benny ChanKona Residence-photo-BA-01Photo by Belzberg Architects Kona Residence-photo-BA-02Photo by Belzberg Architects Kona Residence-photo-BA-03Photo by Belzberg Architects Kona Residence-photo-BA-04Photo by Belzberg Architects Kona Residence-photo-BA-05Photo by Belzberg Architects Kona Residence-photo-BA-06Photo by Belzberg Architects Kona Residence-photo-BA-07Photo by Belzberg Architects Kona Residence-photo-BA-08Photo by Belzberg Architects Kona Residence-photo-BA-09Photo by Belzberg Architects Kona Residence-photo-BA-10Photo by Belzberg Architects Kona Residence-photo-BA-11Photo by Belzberg ArchitectsKona Residence-Drawing-02Kona Residence-Drawing-03Kona Residence-Drawing-04Kona Residence-Drawing-05





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