《 Chuck Berry – Wonderful Woman (05:22) 》

《 Chuck  Berry – Wonderful Woman (05:22) 》

Oh well, look at here now
This just makes my day
Yes a wonderful woman
She just woke my way

Well I was standing in [?] like a leaf on a willow tree
Open the great big beautiful eyes following me
I keep just wish thinking but I hope that it still might be

Man she’s so beautiful, she have long brown wavy hair
Wearing a [?] that was, whoo, on a van
Man she could pull up a man in a beauty scene anywhere
You don’t think

Have you ever seen a woman done harm your kid
Who would betray you twice and you know will still forgive
If you have they were alive to [?] to live

Man it’s too good, she’s all that I could hold and stare
By the star above she knew that my heart goes there
She just went over control my heart, but she didn’t dare

When I feel this way I just sing what I just have to say
You know I need satisfaction, I didn’t get any yesterday
Well it’s up to me, if it be that she gets away

I feel good like’s it party time, don’t you know
It done blew my mind when she smiled and said hello
Well it broke my heart when she told me it’s time to go

You know I wish you for luck
But I know I have to close the show
I but you was rocking me baby with your rhythm in the second row
Just thinking about it breaks my heart I have to let you go
Oh yeah




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