所有原料都來自空氣 芬蘭科學家「憑空」合成單細胞蛋白


所有原料都來自空氣 芬蘭科學家「憑空」合成單細胞蛋白

建立於 2017/07/27




芬蘭拉彭蘭塔理工大學(Lappeenranta University of Technology,LUT)和國家科技研究中心(VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)的科學家用電和二氧化碳合成一種單細胞蛋白,可用於發展成人類的糧食和動物飼料。


「不像傳統農業,這個開發中的技術不要求溫度、濕度或土壤型態等條件。因此可直接在農場中的運輸容器內用完全自動化過程生產飼料,也不需要控制病蟲害,只有在其中一個封閉製程中會用到類似肥料的營養物質,可以避免任何環境衝擊,包括廢水逕流或是溫室氣體。」LUT的教授阿霍拉(Jero Ahola)說。


「實務上所有原料都來自空氣。未來這樣的技術可以用來解決沙漠等地區的饑荒問題。長遠來看,用電產生的蛋白適合當成烹飪材料或直接成為產品。只要調整生產過程用的有機體,就能產生不同的混合物。這些混合物非常營養,超過50%蛋白質和25%的碳水化合物,剩下的25%則是脂肪跟核酸。」VTT首席科學家尤哈.佩卡.皮特凱寧(Juha-Pekka Pitkänen)說。

VTT首席科學家尤哈.佩卡.皮特凱寧(Juha-Pekka Pitkänen)。圖片來源:VTT。


Protein Made With Electricity Could Ease World Hunger
LAPPEENRANTA, Finland, July 24, 2017 (ENS)

Finnish scientists have produced a single-cell protein using electricity and carbon dioxide that can be developed for use as human food and animal feed.

The protein can be produced anywhere renewable energy, such as solar energy, is available. One possibility is a home reactor, a domestic appliance that consumers can use to produce the protein themselves.

The scientists say, their method releases food production from restrictions related to the environment.

The single-cell protein was made in a joint study by the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the country’s national research lab.

“In practice, all the raw materials are available from the air. In the future, the technology can be transported to, for instance, deserts and other areas facing famine,” explains Juha-Pekka Pitkänen, principal scientist at VTT.

“In the long term, protein created with electricity is meant to be used in cooking and products as it is. The mixture is very nutritious, with more than 50 per cent protein and 25 percent carbohydrates. The rest is fats and nucleic acids. The consistency of the final product can be modified by changing the organisms used in the production,” Pitkänen explains.

The protein can be used as a fodder replacement, releasing land areas for other purposes, such as forestry. It allows food to be produced wherever it is needed.

“Compared to traditional agriculture, the production method currently under development does not require a location with the conditions for agriculture, such as the right temperature, humidity or a certain soil type,” says Professor Jero Ahola of Lappeenranta University.

“This allows us to use a completely automatised process to produce the animal feed required in a shipping container facility built on the farm,” he said.

“The method requires no pest-control substances. Only the required amount of fertilizer-like nutrients is used in the closed process. This allows us to avoid any environmental impacts, such as runoffs into water systems or the formation of powerful greenhouse gases.”

The researchers estimate that the process of creating food from electricity can be nearly 10 times as energy-efficient as common photosynthesis, which is used for cultivation of soy and other products.

For the product to be competitive, the production process must become even more efficient. Currently, the production of one gram of protein takes around two weeks, using laboratory equipment that is about the size of a coffee cup.

The next step is to begin pilot production. At the pilot stage, the material would be produced in quantities that can be used for development and testing of fodder and food products and commercialization of the process and the product.


※ 全文及圖片詳見:ENS


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In my healing journey and learning to attain the breath awareness, I become aware of the reality that all the creatures of the world are breathing the same breath. Take action, here and now. From my physical being to the every corner of this out of balance’s planet.







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