《 Roger Daltrey – Going Back Home (04:06) 》

《 Roger Daltrey – Going Back Home (04:06) 》

I wanna live the way I like,
Sleep all the morning, go and get my fun at night.
Things ain’t like that here,
Working just to keep my payments clear.
I bought a brand new motor and I’m waiting for a loan
So I can fill her up and start her, and I’m going back home.
I got a girl, a man’s best friend,
I’d have her now, if she’d just come back again.
But she left me in the fog,
Told me that I treat her like a dog.
The last time that I saw her she was burying a bone,
I’m tired of whistling for her and I’m going back home.
Old Johnny Green, he asked me in,
We watched his TV and we drank a little gin.
Then I float on down the street,
Smiling at the faces that I meet.
But that was back this morning, now I’m dizzy, sick and stoned,
And when the world stops turning, then I’m going back home.

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