《 Iggy Pop – Louie Louie (03:49) 》

《 Iggy Pop – Louie Louie (03:49) 》

And now the news

Louie Louie
Oh baby I gotta go
Louie Louie
Oh baby I gotta go
The communist world is fallin’ apart
The capitalists are just breakin’ hearts
Money is the reason to be
It makes me just want to sing Louie Louie


A fine little girl is waitin’ for me
But I’m as bent as Dostoevsky
I think about the meaning of my life again
And I have to sing Louie Louie again


Let’s give it to ’em right now
Oh man, I dunno like, health insurance
The homeless and world peace and aids and education
I’m tryin’ to do right
But Hey
Life after Bush and Gorbachev
The wall is down but something is lost
Turn on the news it looks like a movie
It makes me want to sing Louie Louie
Louie Louie
Oh baby I gotta go, let’s go
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