《 Darlene Love – Wait Til’ My Bobby Gets Home (02:35)》

《 Darlene Love – Wait Til’ My Bobby Gets Home (02:35)》

Youve been calling in me every day
Ever since my Bobby went away
Youve been knocking on my fromt door
And I know just what you’re looking for, but
Even though you really look so fine
And weve been having good times

I’m gonna wait, till my Bobby gets home
Wait till my baby gets home
Yeah, yeah, yeah you better leave me alone
True I need some lovin and some kissin and a huggin
But I’ll wait till my Bobby gets home

You wanna take me to a movie show
I gotta tell you that I just can’t go
I know Bobbys gonna call tonight
I wanna tell him evey things allright, and
Though I haven’t got a thing to do
And I’m so lonely and blue






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