Modern Minimalistic and Clear in Tel Aviv by Martin Kesel Architects

Modern Minimalistic and Clear in Tel Aviv by Martin Kesel Architects

Architects: Martin Kesel Architects
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Year: 2015
Area: 2,153 ft²/ 200 m²
Photo courtesy: Gilad Radat

The house is situated in the peaceful and calm neighbourhood. The house is Characterized as a present day plan 200 m² (2,153 ft²) partitioned into 4 half levels.


This is a family that needed to work there dream home. The children past the age where they are painting the dividers and making a wreck. So they chose to spoil themselves with a present day house with striking c and unpredictable Colors and materials. We utilized extraordinary carpentry points of interest and tweak compositional lighting that makes a novel configuration field.


The engineering outline is portrayed by clean current lines that mull over the huge and great space. The keen utilization of carpentry points of interest and shrouded spaces make a great deal of storage room the blend between the materials on one hand icy, glass and press and on the other warm, materials and wood make the result we went for.


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Seeking Inspiration? Source It In These 30 Yoga Sutras

Seeking Inspiration? Source It In These 30 Yoga Sutras

There’s so much more to yoga than what happens on the mat. When you need a little push in the right direction or a fresh perspective, the Yoga Sutra is your guidebook for living with intention. We handpicked 30 essential sutras to return to again and again.

  • <i>Atha yoga anushasanam</i>

    Atha yoga anushasanam

    Now, the teachings of yoga.

    —Yoga Sutra I.1

  • <i>Yoga citta vritti nirodhah</i>

    Yoga citta vritti nirodhah

    Yoga is the ending of disturbances of the mind.

    —Yoga Sutra I.2

    See also Intro to Yoga Philosophy: Sutra School 1.2

  • <i>Tada drastuh svarupe avasthanam</i>

    Tada drastuh svarupe avasthanam

    As a result of yoga or sustained, focused attention, the Self, or Seer, is firmly established in its own form, and we act from a place from our own true, authentic Self.

    —Yoga Sutra I.3

    See also Sanskrit Top 40: Must-Learn Lingo for Yogis

  • <i>Vrttayah pancatayyah klistaklistah pramana viparyaya vikalpa nidra smrtayah</i>

    Vrttayah pancatayyah klistaklistah pramana viparyaya vikalpa nidra smrtayah

    There are five functions or activities of the mind, which can either cause us problems or not. They are: correct perception, misunderstanding, imagination, deep sleep, and memory.

    —Yoga Sutra I.5–6

    See also The Five States of Mind

  • <i>Abhyasa vairagyabhyam tat nirodhah</i>

    Abhyasa vairagyabhyam tat nirodhah

    In order to achieve a state of yoga, one must develop both practice and detachment.

    —Yoga Sutra I.12

    See also Make the Space for Your Practice

  • <i>Tatra sthitau yatnah abhyasa</i>

    Tatra sthitau yatnah abhyasa

    Effort toward steadiness of mind is practice.

    —Yoga Sutra I.13

    See also Patanjali Never Said Anything About Alignment

  • <i>Sa tu dirgha kala nairantarya satkara adara asevita drdha bhumih</i>

    Sa tu dirgha kala nairantarya satkara adara asevita drdha bhumih

    To achieve a strong foundation in our practice, we must practice over a long time, without interruption, believing 
in it and looking forward to it, with an attitude of service.

    —Yoga Sutra I.14

    See also Patanjali Never Said Practice Is Optional

  • <i>Vitarka vicara ananda asmitarupa anugamat samprajnatah</i>

    Vitarka vicara ananda asmitarupa anugamat samprajnatah

    In order to reach a state of complete understanding, we must go through a process that progresses from a superficial understanding to increasingly greater refinement and subtlety of comprehension, until our understanding becomes fully integrated and total.

    —Yoga Sutra I.17

    See also Slow Down + Take Time to Learn

  • <i>Shraddha virya smrti samadhi prajna purvakah itaresham</i>

    Shraddha virya smrti samadhi prajna purvakah itaresham

    For those of us who were not born into states of higher consciousness or knowing, we must cultivate self-confidence and conviction to help us maintain our persistence and strength, and to remember our direction so that we may attain our goal of a focused mind and clear perception.

    —Yoga Sutra I.20

    See also Consciousness in Motion: Vinyasa

  • <i>Isvara pranidhanat va</i>

    Isvara pranidhanat va

    [Samadhi is attained] through complete and total surrender to a higher power.

    —Yoga Sutra I.23

    See also Tap Your Higher Power

  • <i>Taj japas tad artha bhavanam</i>

    Taj japas tad artha bhavanam

    The recitation of that [syllable, OM] [leads to] the contemplation of its meaning.

    —Yoga Sutra I.28

    See also Intro to Chanting, Mantra, and Japa

  • <i>Tatah pratyakcetanadhigamah api antarayabhavas ca</i>

    Tatah pratyakcetanadhigamah api antarayabhavas ca

    Then, the inner consciousness is revealed, we come to know the true Self, and our obstacles are reduced.

    —Yoga Sutra I.29

    See also Master Your Mind to Come Closer to Your True Self

  • <i>Maitri karuna mudita upekshanam sukha duhkha punyapunya visayanam 
bhavanatah citta prasadanam</i>

    Maitri karuna mudita upekshanam sukha duhkha punyapunya visayanam 
bhavanatah citta prasadanam

    By cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and disregard toward the wicked, the mind-stuff retains its undisturbed calmness.

    —Yoga Sutra I.33

    See also 6 Steps To Channel Envy + Fulfill Your Greatest Potential

  • <i>Pracchardana vidharanabhyam va pranasya</i>

    Pracchardana vidharanabhyam va pranasya

    Or that calm is retained by the controlled exhalation and retention of the breath.

    —Yoga Sutra I.34

    See also Transform Your Practice With Better Breathing

  • <i>Visoka va jyotismati</i>

    Visoka va jyotismati

    Or, [by concentrating on] the light within, which is free from all suffering and sorrow.

    —Yoga Sutra I.36

    See also Connect with Your Inner Spark

  • <i>Anityasuci dhkhanatmasu nitya suci sukhatmakhyatir avidya</i>

    Anityasuci dhkhanatmasu nitya suci sukhatmakhyatir avidya

    Ignorance is regarding the impermanent as the permanent, the impure as pure, the painful as pleasant, and the non-Self as the Self.

    —Yoga Sutra II.5

    See also Understand Avidya To See Yourself As You Are

  • <i>Drgdarsana saktyoh ekatmata iva asmita</i>

    Drgdarsana saktyoh ekatmata iva asmita

    False identification is confusing the nature of the seer or Self with the nature of the instrument of perception. In other words, false identification happens when we mistake the mind, body, or senses for the true Self.

    —Yoga Sutra II.6

    See also How to See Your True Self

  • <i>Parinama tapa samskara duhkhaih guna vrtti virodhaccha duhkham evam sarvam vivekinah</i>

    Parinama tapa samskara duhkhaih guna vrtti virodhaccha duhkham evam sarvam vivekinah

    Change, longing, habits, and the activity of the gunas can all cause us suffering. In fact, even the wise suffer, for suffering is everywhere.

    —Yoga Sutra II.15

    See also Life Happens: The Yoga Sutra’s Take on Suffering

  • <i>Heyam duhkham anagatam</i>

    Heyam duhkham anagatam

    Prevent the suffering that is yet to come.

    —Yoga Sutra II.16

    See also Reduce Suffering: How Yoga Heals

  • <i>Drashtr drshyayoh samyogo heya hetuh</i>

    Drashtr drshyayoh samyogo heya hetuh

    The cause of our suffering is the inability to distinguish between what is the truth (what perceives) and what appears to be the truth (what is perceived).

    —Yoga Sutra II.17

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  • <i>Sva svami saktyoh svarupa upalabdhi hetuh samyogah</i>

    Sva svami saktyoh svarupa upalabdhi hetuh samyogah

    The inability to discern between the temporary, fluctuating mind and our own true Self, which is ­eternal, is the cause of our suffering, yet this suffering provides us with the opportunity to make this distinction and to learn and grow from it, by understanding the true nature of each.

    —Yoga Sutra II.23

    See also The Yoga Sutra: Your Guide To Living Every Moment

  • <i>Vitarka badhane 
pratipaksha bhavanam</i>

    Vitarka badhane 
pratipaksha bhavanam

    When disturbed by negative thoughts, opposite ones should be thought of.

    —Yoga Sutra II.33

    See also Tantra Meditation: Explore Negative + Positive Mind Energy

  • <i>Samtosad anuttamah sukhalabha</i>

    Samtosad anuttamah sukhalabha

    From contentment, incomparable happiness is obtained.

    —Yoga Sutra II.42

    See also Path to Happiness: 9 Interpretations of the Yamas + Niyamas

  • <i>Sthira sukham asanam </i>

    Sthira sukham asanam

    Seated posture should be steady and comfortable.

    —Yoga Sutra II.46

    See also Meditation Sutra: Sthira Sukham Asanam

  • <i>Tato dvandvanabhighatah</i>

    Tato dvandvanabhighatah

    Thereafter [making a posture firm and comfortable], one is undisturbed by dualities.

    —Yoga Sutra II.48

    See also Everything You Need to Know About Meditation Posture

  • <i>Tatah ksiyate prakasavaranam</i>

    Tatah ksiyate prakasavaranam

    As its result, the veil over the inner Light is destroyed.

    —Yoga Sutra II.52

    See also Yoga Wisdom: How to Spark Your Inner Light + Share It

  • <i>Sarvarthataikagratayoh ksyayodayau cittasya samadhiparinamah</i>

    Sarvarthataikagratayoh ksyayodayau cittasya samadhiparinamah

    When there is a decline in distractedness and appearance of one-pointedness, then comes samadhi parinamah (development in samadhi).

    —Yoga Sutra III.11

    See also Stoke Your Spirit: 5 Ways to Move Toward Samadhi.

  • <i>Samskara saksat karanat purvajati jnanam</i>

    Samskara saksat karanat purvajati jnanam

    Through sustained focus and meditation on our patterns, habits, and conditioning, we gain knowledge and understanding of our past and of how we can change the patterns that aren’t serving us to live more freely and fully.

    —Yoga Sutra III.18

    See also Break Bad Habits Patanjali’s Way

  • <i>Hrdaye citta samvit</i>

    Hrdaye citta samvit

    By samyama on the heart, knowledge of the mind is obtained.

    —Yoga Sutra III.36

    See also Mandy Ingber’s Sequence to Heal Your Heart + Embrace Joy

  • <i>Vastu samye citta bhedat tayor vibhaktah panthah</i>

    Vastu samye citta bhedat tayor vibhaktah panthah

    Due to differences in various minds, perception of even the same object may vary.

    —Yoga Sutra IV.15

    See also Dharma Mittra’s Practice to Develop Mindful Perception

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【聯合國想想】同志平權的角力 | 想想論壇


【聯合國想想】同志平權的角力 | 想想論壇


人氣指數: 161









11月初的大會上,反對方以伊斯蘭國家與非洲國家集團為主,希望聯合國延遲設立LGBTI+ 獨立專家(註一)一職 ,並就相關議題「需要更多時間來凝聚共識」。







註一:Independent Expert,設立於人權理事會,其職掌全球LGBTI+議題,並可對涉嫌違反同志權益的事件,提出觀察報告並採取必要措施。目前該職指派Vitit Muntarbhorn教授擔任。詳見UN新聞: is external)


Luxury 100 Eleneth Avenue Penthouse in Manhattan

Luxury 100 Eleneth Avenue Penthouse in Manhattan

Location: Manhattan, New York, USA
Area: 4,675 sqft
Price: $22 million
Photo courtesy: Douglas Elliman

This dynamite penthouse will blow your mind. WIth 360 degree perspectives of Manhattan and the Hudson River down to the Statue of Liberty, this is the gem in the crown that is Jean Nouvel’s famous artful culmination. Unmatched in high idea and format this home elements 14ft roofs, two chimneys, floor to roof wrap-around windows, an encased loggia patio, and a stunning 4400 square foot porch. This full floor penthouse is wonderful in everything about. WIth unparrelled plan this 4 room, 3.5 shower home has smooth terrazzo floors and a stand-out format intended for captivating!


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A Sequence to Stretch + Strengthen Outer Thighs and Hips

A Sequence to Stretch + Strengthen Outer Thighs and Hips


Try this yoga video from Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion co-creators Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito as they take you through a sequence that targets the core, outer thighs and hips with both strengthening exercises and stretches. Involves the use of a resistance band.

See also Flow + Tips to Strengthen Thighs and Hamstrings

Watch more yoga videos for expert tips on enhancing your practice.


51A Duplex Penthouse atop The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles

51A Duplex Penthouse atop The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2010
Area: 6,590 sqft
Price: $15 million
Photo courtesy: The Agency

The crown jewel of Downtown Los Angeles, 51A is a duplex penthouse atop The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. Live and was masterfully custom designed by Moore Ruble Yudell. With 6,590 sq. ft. of fully-furnished interiors, this remarkable residence in the sky affords you uninterrupted jetliner views of downtown and the Los Angeles skyline, access to The Ritz-Carlton’s gold standard of service and has you an elevator ride away from city’s premiere sports and entertainment attractions.

51A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles

The sleek, flush design is ideal for showcasing artwork and creates a dynamic visual experience throughout. A second level en-suite guest bedroom is joined by a master wing featuring a lounge room, spa-like bath, full bar and closets reminiscent of a high-end boutique. In addition to a world-class restaurant, residential sky lobby and private heated rooftop pool terrace, all residents can seek out the nearby STAPLES Center, Nokia Theatre, L.A. LIVE and The GRAMMY Museum.

51A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-02

51A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-0351A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-0451A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-0551A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-0651A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-0751A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-0851A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-0951A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-1051A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-1151A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-1251A Duplex Penthouse of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles-13Thank you for reading this article!




 建立於 2016/12/05



每年,東北季風固定為台灣捎來冬天的消息,當這股強風,遇上台灣的中央山脈與福建的武夷山脈所形成的狹道地形,在海上,顯得更加強勁,根據國際離岸風場調查公司4C Offshore的報告,全球前18個最佳風場,台灣海峽就占了16個。




























 建立於 2016/12/05








活跳跳的友善田,這幾年成為荒野保護協會,經常進行自然觀察的地方。因為常來,他們發現了一個問題。 尖山湖原本沒有福壽螺,直到今年,一位農友從外地買來一批筊白筍苗,意外帶進福壽螺,現在,已經有好幾塊田淪陷。







地牛翻身・熔岩四起 311後的日本社會運動風潮

地牛翻身・熔岩四起 311後的日本社會運動風潮

 建立於 2016/12/05

作者: 陳威志(日本一橋大學社會學博士候選人)











這波抗議行動的發起者或參加者,不論在年齡層或屬性上,都與以往有極大差別。2011年4月,一個二手商店聯合「組織」──素人之亂,以推特等網路社群,號召了1萬人走上街頭,參加者以40歲以下的「特立獨行」的年輕人居多,有別於「老反核」、「老左派」的刻板印象。由此即可看出,震災後這一波運動風潮超脫原來藩籬與框架的一面。同一時期,原本沒有專攻核電議題的環保團體GREEN PEACE日本分部,也在代代木公園號召了幾場遊行,吸引白領階級的家長帶著孩子參加。








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A ‘sapphire rush’ has sent at least 45,000 miners into Madagascar’s protected rainforests

A ‘sapphire rush’ has sent at least 45,000 miners into Madagascar’s protected rainforests

The island’s latest mining boom threatens a critically endangered lemur – and puts human lives at risk


The ConversationThe rainforests of Didy in eastern Madagascar usually ring with the calls of the indri, the island’s largest lemur. But there is a different noise now: the chopping of trees, digging of gravel, and cheers of encouragement from the thousands of illegal miners who have flooded to these forests since sapphires were discovered in late September.

Bemainty, an area in the west of Didy, is experiencing a sapphire rush. Rosey Perkins, a gemologist, visited soon after the rush began in October. She estimated 45,000 people were already involved and that the mine was growing by 1,500 to 2,000 people a day. By now it may be significantly bigger.

She told me: “These gem deposits are found in the gravels of ancient river beds. Some are unusually large and have an attractive blue colour; there have been some phenomenal finds which are drawing in traders from as far away as Sri Lanka.”

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. People are desperate for any new income sources and will understandably travel to wherever they see an opportunity. The discovery of precious stones has led to rapid development in a number of parts of the country.

Particular challenges are raised when the stones are discovered in areas of importance for conservation, as with the latest find, which is in a protected area: the Corridor Ankeniheny Zahamena (or CAZ). Herintsitohaina Razakamanarivo, a professor of forestry and soil sciences at the University of Antananarivo, said: “These forests really matter for their world famous biodiversity, for their contribution to avoiding climate change and of course they also contribute to local livelihoods and are culturally important.”

Workers must walk for 12 hours to reach the mine, which is in a remote corner of Madagascar’s eastern forests.

The mining involves removing the trees so the gem-rich gravels can be dug up and sieved to find the precious stones. There are also concerns that the miners will increase bushmeat harvesting, which is already a growing threat to lemurs and other wildlife in much of Madagascar.

A blue sapphire found at the ‘rush’ site in October 2016 (Rosey Perkins)

However, the impact of a sudden influx of thousands of people is not simply a conservation issue. This is an example of how the agenda of conservationists and those of local people could be aligned.

I spoke to Tokihenintsoa Andrianjohaninarivo from Conservation International Madagascar, the NGO responsible for managing the protected area. She explained how previous sapphire rushes caused local people who live in these forests to suffer.

“Insecurity increases, the cost of living rises, and the education of a generation of kids may be damaged as schools close. Water becomes polluted as there are suddenly thousands of new people living in an area with no sanitation facilities.”

As the latest mine continues to grow, conditions appear to be getting worse. A friend from the area, who does not want to be named, told me about deaths from disease and violent conflict. There are also reports of rapes, including a shocking case which allegedly resulted in a girl’s death. (It should be noted that these claims are anecdotal and haven’t been verified.)

Rosey Perkins’s visit to the mine, October 2016.

Artisanal mining in Madagascar is a significant industry and the country may be one of the largest producers of precious stones in the world. The vast majority of the trade is illegal, however, with no tax paid on the exports.

There have been repeated calls to bring this profitable business out of the shadows so it can contribute to national development. Many people from the region are seeing the benefits though – the mayor of Didy has been on local television to argue in favour of the mining. And rumours persist that powerful individuals profit from the illicit nature of the trade.

These forests are the only home of the indri, a large and critically endangered lemur (Shutterstock)

Ms Andrianjohaninarivo told me the conservation managers of the site had a meeting with key officials from the government in November and that an action plan has been made. Professor Razakamanarivo emphasises the urgency of a response: “Much of the harm already caused by this sudden sapphire rush may well be irreversible. The miners need to leave the forest before more damage is done.”

The rush going on right now in Bemainty is only the last of a series that have occurred in protected areas in Madagascar in recent years. In 2012, thousands of miners invaded another part of the Didy forest but were eventually moved on by government agents. In 2015, a similar rush occurred in Zahamena National Park, slightly to the north.

Shiny stones have been buried under Madagascar’s incredible rainforests for millions of years. Miners and traders seeking to capitalise on the value of these gems are placing enormous pressure on the island’s landscape and wildlife, and it remains to be seen whether these areas can be protected in the longer term.

As a conservation scientist I am hugely concerned about the threat to the forest from this sapphire rush. But the most urgent need right now is to bring the area under control, before more people die.

This article first appeared on The Conversation ( Julia PG Jones is a professor of conservation science, at Bangor University.


馬達加斯加藍寶石熱 數萬人湧保護區淘寶

馬達加斯加藍寶石熱 數萬人湧保護區淘寶

 建立於 2016/12/04



《英國獨立報》報導,寶石學家帕金斯(Rosey Perkins)10月前往勘查。當時她估計大約有4萬5000人參與採藍寶石的活動,每天大約有1500到2000人加入。而現在的規模應該遠不止於此。帕金斯說,藍寶石是在古河床上的礫石中發現的。有些相當大,展現漂亮的藍色,甚至有斯里蘭卡貿易商不辭千里前往。

馬達加斯加人瘋採藍寶石。作者:Rosey Perkins。圖片來源:影片截圖。

砍樹採寶石 數萬人湧入雨林保護區


最近發現的藍寶石礦區位在Ankeniheny Zahamena廊道(Corridor Ankeniheny Zahamena,CAZ)保護區內,引發保育界的擔憂。塔那那利佛大學森林土壤科學系教授Herintsitohaina Razakamanarivo說,「這些森林擁有世界級的生物多樣性,對於避免氣候變遷和當地居民生計而言非常重要。」



水源污染 嚴重影響當地居民生活


馬達加斯加保育國際組織(Conservation International Madagascar)成員Tokihenintsoa Andrianjohaninarivo指出,藍寶石熱已經嚴重影響森林當地居民生活,「治安變差、居住成本提高、學校關閉影響孩子受教育。當地衛生基礎設施無法承受短時間大量人潮湧入,水源遭到污染。」由此可見,保育和當地居民的生計其實是息息相關的議題。


採藍寶石的過程造成水源污染。作者:Rosey Perkins。圖片來源:影片截圖。








蔡麗伶(LiLing Barricman)

In my healing journey and learning to attain the breath awareness, I become aware of the reality that all the creatures of the world are breathing the same breath. Take action, here and now. From my physical being to the every corner of this out of balance’s planet.




「草地明珠」環頸雉退無可退 保育團體結護生合力「網」救

「草地明珠」環頸雉退無可退 保育團體結護生合力「網」救

 建立於 2016/12/05



環頸雉。圖片來源:Hiyashi Haka。(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

瀕危草地明珠 棲身清泉崗

提到環頸雉,讓人聯想到農損,其實,環頸雉並不如想像中的多。台灣原生雉雞有三種,分別為分布於中高海拔的台灣帝雉Syrmaticus mikado、藍腹鷴Lophura swinhoii,兩者皆為台灣特有種;低海拔則為有「草地明珠」之稱的環頸雉Phasianus colchicus


南投林管處技正林國彰說明,環頸雉雖廣泛分布於溫帶亞洲到東南歐之間,但是分布在台灣的環頸雉屬於灰腰雉群中的特有亞種(P. c. formosanus),原屬於台灣生物多樣性重要資產,卻由於與引入的外來種高麗雉雜交,基因汙染十分普遍。





桃機不爭氣 清泉崗要擴建








實踐放生真諦 環頸雉打開保護傘









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【◎心靈研磨坊 - 曼陀羅藏◎】

《心靈研磨坊 ─ 身心體能極限的突破,放慢步調,邁開腳步,輕鬆地悠遊著....》

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